Introduction of 7 KickStart

7Kickstart is an interesting cafe that is mostly unheard of. Customers often ask us about the name of our cafe. I guess the only way to find out the story to our unique name is to come down and ask the owner herself. You can expect a wide variety of creative fusion dishes at our cafe everyday and a very calming atmosphere in the evening and a picturesque setting in the day.


For those looking to spice up your Instagram feed, you’ll be satisfied at the afternoon atmosphere in our cafe. Even at night the atmosphere is amazing for your photos, even though the atmospheres are different throughout the day you can expect a good photo no matter when you come.


Our cafe owner is Swee, who is a very friendly and outgoing person. Most of the time, she stays at the 7 Kickstart SMU outlet but will go over to the one located at SAM to help out.

However, most people do not know that Swee was previously a drug dealer. She has turned over a new leaf and has built a cafe that is famous in the Bras Basah area, with many people looking forward to visit it.


Most people come to our cafe to get the Liu Sha French Toast, which is a Hong Kong dish known as the salted egg yolk french toast. In our cafe, it is served as a large piece of bread with a special kind of egg yolk sauce, altogether looking very appetizing. Many people who have tried the Liu Sha French Toast says that it melts in your mouth and tastes out of the world.


A side that our cafe is famous for is the Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries. We are the first cafe in Singapore to come up with this dish and it is described by customers as soft, just like a well cooked sweet potato.


A drink that our cafe is famous for is most definitely the ice-drip coffee. It is painstakingly hard to make, having need to drip ice cold water through ground coffee drop by drop. It takes about 3-5 hours to complete a brew cycle in the ice drip coffee towers. You can choose from 7 different ice-drip coffees at our cafe.

Overall, many people has given two thumbs up for our cafe’s service and food, and has said that they will definitely be back for more. So, why not come down and try our food if you haven’t?




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