Introduction to the waffles

Residents of Singapore would be familiar with local dishes such as the Orh Nee, which is a yam paste desert. This desert is commonly served in restaurants, but not easily found in other places. However, in our cafe, you can find dishes such as the Orh Nee waffle.


The range of waffles we have tried our best to come up with is not only new but gaining popularity very quickly. We have taken the the time and effort to recreate a local dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, not specifically to be eaten as a dessert! Our cafe also serves other waffles such as “Mr Pump King”.

2016-01-03 14.06.11

These waffles are either an asian fusion of flavours or will bring a totally new taste which we are sure many people will enjoy. The waffles are also served with a generous amount of toppings in order to bring even more flavour to the waffle. In general have a light texture and are aromatically mellow, with a taste that is rich and strong. The waffles are always in high demand as many people come back for it.


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