A “Typical Tuesday”

Ever wondered what a student does during the day and where he goes to relax? Today we will be following Joseph Alde, a year 1 student studying in Singapore Polytechnic, to find out more about his daily routine.


Hi! I’m Joseph. Sometimes I get asked what a “typical” day looks like for me. While there is no way I can answer that given my daily schedule is ever-changing, I can give you a sense of what a typical day looks like for me and what I like to do to relax.


9.00 am – Time to get up! One thing that I really appreciate about polytechnic life is the later schedule. I must say, it is so much easier for me to roll out of bed than in secondary school. After getting ready and grabbing a quick breakfast, I headed out for my first class.


10.00 am – Time for my first lecture of the day! It’s raining today, and my lesson is all the way on top of a hill! Rushing to class because I cannot afford to miss any lessons:(



12.00 pm – Just ended my lecture. Now for my 2 hour break! Time to sit down with my friends and watch Youtube videos before heading for lunch.



2.00 pm – Starting to do my homework and projects. I have so many assignments due in a week and I have not even started on them! On top of that, I’m not very sure of the requirements for the assignments. Starting to feel the pressure and stress from all the schoolwork.



4.00 pm – The stress is real. Feeling tired from work and projects and wish I can have some good food to eat so that I can feel better to start typing again. I shall take a nap now.



5.00 pm – Leaving school! On my way to a cafe that my friend recommended to me. According to him, it is at Bras Basah and it is only right opposite the entrance of the MRT. It should not be too hard to find!



5.30 pm – Found the cafe! Saw it once I came out of the station. Looks like it’s called 7 Kickstart cafe. Time to relax, try the food here, and complete some work.

Orh Nee Waffle, Liu Sha French Toast, 7th Haven(from left to right)

6.00 pm – I ask the staff for some of their signature dishes and drinks for me to try. I decided to order the Orh Nee waffles, Liu Sha French toast, and 7th Haven, which is coffee with frozen coffee popsicles inside! (whuuut?)




6.10 pm – After taking some instagram worthy photos of the food and drink. I tuck in and enjoy the food! IT WAS SO GOOD. The waffles had the right consistency, not to mention the yam ice cream was delicious. The french toast was served hot, and since I love salted egg yolk, I feel that this is probably the best thing I have tasted in a long time. The coffee was milky and thick. I finished it in a really short time and I still had the popsicle to enjoy after that!


8.00 pm – After finishing up the food and doing some work, I took the mrt home.  It usually gets quite crowded and stuffy during this time. The food I had brightened up my mood though:). Overall, I felt that 7 Kickstart Cafe serves really good food and I cannot wait to visit the cafe again to try their other dishes!

That’s it! Although each day is different and exciting in its own way, this would be a “typical” Tuesday for me. However, I do have to do homework and projects everyday in order to complete my assignments on time. This makes me pressurized and stressed so I do like to visit cafes from time to time in order to relax and keep myself happy. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between stress and happiness!



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